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Student Success

Success Coaches

As part of the APOU experience, all degree-seeking students will be paired with a success coach. This staff member, who you will meet in your APOU 101 Momentum: Success in the University course, is there to offer encouragement and guidance, and serve as an advisor on learning techniques, enrollment, academic advising, and spiritual development throughout your journey with APOU. This partnership ensures your personal support and success of learning in a virtual community.

APOU students share their experiences with a success coach:

“My (success) coach has answered my many questions about my degree program, helped me plan my course enrollment, and has encouraged me week in and week out, every step of the way at APOU. She is 100 percent committed to my success.”

“My (success) coach is amazing! She has been so encouraging and helpful! Her enthusiasm for my success at APOU has helped me stay motivated!”

Success in the University

APOU students working toward their degree start with the orientation course, APOU 101 Momentum: Success in the University, which teaches skills for successful goal setting, time management, studying, stress management, communication, and conflict transformation.

Students comment on the Momentum course:

“I have been surprised by the how much I love college! The thought of going to school right now was a little overwhelming. However, APOU was prepared for that and has a class called Momentum, it’s the first class you take. This class answered a lot of my questions and gave me a great foundation for the rest of my college career. I am really excited about college now and I’m looking forward to getting my A.A.”

“My (success) coach and the Momentum class helped me develop the time management skills, planning and rhythm to prepare for my studies.”


To celebrate hard-earned success, APOU grants each graduating student, who has taken at least 90 units with APOU, one roundtrip airfare ticket (to a maximum of $400) within the United States to attend commencement on campus in Azusa, California.

From a student:
"I know that these classes will encourage my spiritual, mental, and personal growth and I look forward to discovering where they will lead me."