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APOU Welcomes Jars of Clay Scholarship Winner

April 16, 2012
Krysta Cabral

Krysta Cabral

Azusa Pacific Online University (APOU) is pleased to introduce another winner for the Jars of Clay Scholarship giveaway. Krysta Cabral, a Southern California resident, has accepted one of three scholarships for an Azusa Pacific education.

Out of high school, Cabral was accepted to a ROP program in cosmetology and postponed plans to attend college to complete the program first. Starting work as a cosmetologist, she took community college classes to begin her plans for a post-secondary degree. After one of Cabral’s clients recommended she learn more about Azusa Pacific, Cabral visited the website, saw the Jars of Clay sweepstakes, and entered to win. Upon learning the shocking news of her win, Cabral’s plans for a degree took a different direction.

“I’m excited that APOU is online,” Cabral said. “That will help me a lot because I do work a lot of hours right now, and I have to maintain a certain income, so it will help me with my workability and being able to provide for myself and still continue my education and be able to further myself in life without postponing.”

Cabral is set to begin the Associate of Science in Health Sciences program for the upcoming Summer I session. Her goal is to become a registered nurse (RN).

“I’m excited for the whole experience — to learn and move forward in my career. I’m especially excited for the ministry course I’ll take in the first session,” Cabral said. “In my future career, I feel the faith integration is going to be very important. I’ve asked God to direct my path, and He’s blessed me with all these opportunities. With my faith and education, I’m looking forward to growing closer to Him and other people.”

Click here to listen to more of the interview with Cabral.

In Spring 2011, APOU partnered with Jars of Clay to host a scholarship giveaway for three winners to receive an APOU education. To learn more about APOU and its programs, visit